OrthotiCare Clinics – Sports Bracing

At OrthotiCare Clinics, we work with professional and amateur athletes of all ages. We treat athletes at the recreational, world class, national and Olympic levels. Being specialists in custom orthotics means that we can custom design a solution for each athlete’s unique challenges and goals. We also offer pre-fabricated orthoses for every joint in the body, many of which can be custom-modified and fitted to serve individual needs.

Some of the Sports Bracing solutions that we provide to professional and amateur athletes of all ages:

  • Custom Foot Orthoses (to maximize foot function for sport activities)
  • Ankle Braces (to maximize ankle stability for sport activities)
  • Patella Stabilizer (for athletes active on their feet)
  • ACL/MCL/PCL/LCL and Osteoarthritis Knee Braces (to stabilize the knee for many sports)
  • Elbow Braces (to protect and stabilize elbow function during sports activities)
  • Wrist Orthoses (for protection and stability during sports involving wrist action)
  • PointeParts (custom designed and made inserts for use in ballet pointe shoes)

Tim Miller, Certified Orthotist has designed many custom solutions for athletes and sports enthusiasts to improve their function, mobility, comfort and enjoyment when participating in their chosen sports. Some of these include:

  • Ankle brace, for a paralyzed tri-athlete
  • Face protector, for basketball player
  • Custom helmet for sports
  • Custom knee brace to stabilize and protect (for any activity)
  • Skate lace covers, for figure skater protection
  • Foot extender, for partial foot amputee
  • Custom-designed and 3-D printed inserts for ballet pointe shoes
  • Shoulder restraint to prevent dislocation, for football and hockey players
  • Back support to improve endurance for sport

We provide Sports Orthopaedic Solutions for clients with conditions such as:

  • ACL/PCL/MCL/LCL tears
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Elbow tendonitis
  • Foot conditions, deformities or pain that limits performance or endurance
  • Back conditions, pain
  • previous injuries requiring support and protection