OrthotiCare Clinics’ Custom Orthotics Process

Our On-site Custom Orthoses Fabrication Lab

We have an on-site custom orthoses fabrication lab, and a highly skilled Orthotic Technician, located at our Nanaimo Main Clinic. Our Certified Orthotist, Tim Miller, maximizes your function, fit and comfort by building in custom detail at every step of our process.


Meeting Your Unique Treatment Needs: Our 5 Step Custom Orthotics Process  

Step 1. Assessment Appointment:

To determine the best possible orthotic treatment plan for each individual’s needs, a complete clinical assessment is performed, including medical history, diagnosis, prescription, measurements, functional and gait analyses, and patient/care team consultations as required.

Step 2. Casting, Measurement:

A custom plaster casting is made from the patient. Specific measurements may also be taken, as needed. Then, custom modifications are made to the patient’s cast and/or poured plaster mould. This ensures that the desired orthotic treatment outcomes will be achieved.

Step 3. Fabrication:

Our custom-designed orthopaedic appliances and custom foot orthoses are manufactured at our Nanaimo Main Clinic’s on-site fabrication lab, by our highly skilled Orthotic Technician. This allows us to fine-tune customization at every step of our process. Raw materials and manufacturing methods are determined based on each patient’s individual orthotic treatment needs. Every orthopaedic appliance that we manufacture is optimized to ensure the highest quality treatment results for our patients.

Step 4. Fitting Appointment:

At each patient’s orthosis fitting and adjustment appointment, any required final adjustments are made to the custom orthopaedic device(s) so that the optimum function, fit and comfort are achieved. Our Certified Orthotist performs a final evaluation to ensure that the recommended orthotic treatment results are provided. With each device dispensed, our Certified Orthotist provides information about the expected adjustment period and proper device donning, use and care.

Step 5. Included Follow-up Period:

A follow-up appointment period is always included, to be certain that of each of our patients receive their best possible comfort and orthotic treatment results. Further fine-tuning and adjustments can be made as a patient adapts to their custom orthopaedic device.