OrthotiCare Clinics – Custom Orthopaedic Solutions

At OrthotiCare Clinics, our Certified Orthotist Tim Miller has over 24 years of experience treating a full range of orthopaedic conditions. When providing custom orthopaedic solutions, his approach is to listen carefully. He works collaboratively with each patient, and their care team, to correctly define orthopaedic problems and to design a functional and comfortable custom orthopaedic solution. Clear and open communication between Orthotist and patient is essential at every step of the process, from the initial clinical evaluation and decision-making through to the custom fitting and follow-up. As a result of this collaborative process, our patients receive high-quality, custom-made orthopaedic bracing that provides the best possible function, fit and comfort to meet their unique treatment needs.

We always encourage our patients to contact us at any time if they feel they may need an orthotic adjustment or re-assessment. It is important to us that our patients receive continuing benefit from their custom orthopaedic bracing.

Contact us to book your assessment appointment at a clinic location near you. Let us know what your individual orthopaedic needs are and we can discuss possible options with you.

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